The goal of this article is not to tell that freelancers are competitive and they don’t know how to do the projects, because every freelancer is a multi-skilled employee, who is a project manager, architecture, designer, web developer, QA, etc.  In web development, industry and you can get a result, but it is a high risk that it will not be an excellent work and we will discuss reasons in this article.

1. «I will develop it by myself!»

Developing a website needs a few professionals: designer, layout specialist, editor, web developer. It special cases copyrighter, QA, marketer. If you will find a freelancer that will make all by myself, probably you will get mediocre results:.

– Not a unique design f your website with standard structure and your website will not stand out of the pack.

– Layout can be not responsive.

– Software works in a random way or has many bugs.

– The code can me with a lot of  mistakes and you will need to find another freelancer to fix it.

– Content can be nor SEO optimized.

These are results of multi-skilled freelancer. Don’t waste your time and trust your project to a team that includes professional on every field.


2. «I have personal access.»

When you work with freelance your project doesn’t protected, because he/she can change a code of your project, make bugs visible for visitors if your relationships will be spoiled. When you work with agencies, you sign up a contract that protects you from this kind of troubles.

3. Would you like to become a Project Manager? Ask a freelancer to develop website for you.

If you want to get a good developed project, you need to control freelancer on every step of the project. Is the design created correctly and if it is responsive? Is the layout without bugs?  Is the content rely to search engine requirements? If you have free time for this, you can try. But you can avoid working with agencies. We will take all this stuff and our professional will turn your ideas into deliveries.

4. Psyhological factor «You are looking for me»

From time to time you will find issues on your website  and send messages to freelancer to inform him about it. The situation will not be pleasant.  You would like to make it faster and freelancer is agree to over the project. And comes to mistakes. When issue will appear more often and often, it leads to difficulties.  It makes you nervous, because deadline is near, but at the same time freelance think that he did more that was needed, and you demand too much.

So many externs, which can do their job good, and most of them work in other companies and do freelance jobs at night or at free time. It means that doing your website won’t be a main task, just additional one.

But the point is that companies has PM – person that supervises the project, that will save you from calls and drama with developer, besides developer as usually impatient and can unpolite in communication.  And PM will help you to get a high-quality work and receive your website at time.

5. I am on vacation!

Yes, it can happen! When you work with freelance you can’t avoid situation when freelance go on vacation or get sick, he can work at the office or take interest on a another project.

To sum everything up, we wanted to tell you, that working with freelancers you pay not only for project to be done, but  for risks either. We offer to take all risks  and provide with highly qualified service.

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