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If you are a freelancer, a sole proprietor, or manage a small business with just a few employees, this article will tell you about the best way to manage your business with small business management software. It will save you time and money.


Business management software will save you time and money. 

It can be useful for freelancers who manage their own profits, expenses, and finances. At any level, it can save you time, for example, by allowing you to send electronic invoices to clients directly from the program, track incoming payments, send regular messages to clients reminding them of payments or informing them about promotions, keep track of income and expenses, and much more.

Business management software is particularly recommended for business owners who do not have an accountant and handle annual reports themselves, as order and organization are important here. Without a structured system, it will be difficult for you to verify that all data is accurate and that all numbers match. Financial management is an area that requires accuracy, and any mistake can result in fines. Therefore, the algorithm saves not only your time but also your money.

Our recommendation is to use business management software that provides a complete solution for all operations in your business.

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What is "Exempt Business" in Israel? 

It is a business that is exempt from paying certain taxes because it is too small and has relatively low income. Can any business become "exempt"? No, the tax authorities do not allow every business to obtain such status, as this order is intended only for businesses with low incomes.

It should be noted that many successful businesses were previously "exempt," but after significant investments from the owner, they became official full-fledged enterprises or even large companies. What is their secret to success? Usually, it is the ability to make the right decisions and identify opportunities.

In any case, not all self-employed entrepreneurs want to grow their business, and many of them remain as "exempt businesses."

What tax does an "Exempt Business" not pay? 

A sole proprietor who does not earn high amounts can be exempt from paying Value Added Tax (VAT), which will lead to the business becoming "exempt," and such a business can earn up to 75,000 shekels per year. Many entrepreneurs see it as easier to manage their business without dealing with VAT. However, if you exceed the threshold amount that can be earned as an "Exempt Business," you will have to pay VAT as required by law.


Why does a tax-exempt business need business management software? 

A specialized program for small businesses in the growth process is a new product that more and more business owners have come to realize the benefits of lately. The program provides a simple and convenient solution, which does not require understanding complex functions, to manage all business processes that may exist in a small tax-exempt company. Everything is in one system, from accounting to payment collection, to project and task management. The system can store all information in the cloud, as well as contain information about clients, sales, suppliers, team, if any, and much more.

This is essentially the end of writing invoices manually and wasting time on reports and Excel spreadsheets. Since a tax-exempt business is usually managed by one person or a maximum of two, a business management software that saves your valuable time is a vital thing. This will allow you to focus on strategy, advertising, marketing, and other areas that you cannot approach because a lot of time is spent on simple technical tasks that the algorithm of the business management software can do for you.

It is important to know that our system is a WHITE-LABEL system, that is, a ready-made system that can be adapted to a specific business to meet your needs and branding and is truly suitable for the budget of a tax-exempt company.

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