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Customer relationship management is the heart of any business, and today this sector is also managed by smart programs called CRMs, or simply customer interaction software. By automating processes, the software helps to build more effective dialogue with the customer, avoid mistakes in work, and therefore sell more to them. If you are unsure whether to buy a customer interaction system for your business, in this article we can explain who such a system can be useful for and in what ways.


Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software - How does it work?

Imagine working with a program where all you have to do is click on a customer's name and a convenient card instantly appears, containing the entire history of your interactions with the customer - from the first call to the purchase. Here, you can listen to calls, view your purchase history, create documents using templates, write emails or SMS messages, and assign tasks.

When a customer calls you, the program opens their card, and you can immediately greet them by name. Even if this customer was previously served by another employee, you can easily answer their questions without wasting your time or theirs on all those phrases like "I'll check and get back to you." The CRM system also sends an SMS or WhatsApp message to the customer to notify them of the status of their order, inform them of new offers, or remind them of an appointment. This saves you time - both for you and the customer - making them more loyal and inclined to make purchases.

Program for customer relationship management - what does it actually do? 

It's very simple: it allows you to create a wide customer database, divided into different categories, purchase history, etc. It contains personal information about each customer (address, phone, email, date of birth, etc.) and all information about their purchases, your conversations, etc. Thus, the customer management system helps you retain customers and attract new customers similar to your existing ones. The customer interaction system stores and systematizes information for you, which should help you understand the customer's needs and personal preferences. All data collected in the system can help the team understand which products customers love the most, tune and focus the marketing strategy of your business, improve logistics, accurately determine purchases and suppliers.

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What capabilities does the customer relationship management system that we create for you provide? 

We can create and import a customer list, classify it according to their purchasing habits or purchase history, and use this information to give them what they want. With customer relationship management software, you can sort your sales reports by various criteria, such as customer classification, last visit date, or amount invested in your products or services, and thus gain a deeper understanding of your customers' buying habits. We can also define customer groups by age, type of service they are interested in, or any other criteria, to launch campaigns that are ideal for each group. This will help maximize sales. The system helps you analyze data and segment your target audience to understand which customers are worth investing more in, whom to offer discounts to, and so on.

You can easily track all of your business activity: checking how much and when you sold, and thus identifying trends and influences, improving your business strategies. This is achieved by updating elements in the system and fine-tuning the software to meet the specific needs of your business.

Automation turns sales into a process that happens entirely on its own, making everything work quickly and accurately, and minimizing instances of human error, forgetfulness, etc. Customer interaction software takes care of all the routine tasks related to clients: creating documents from templates, assigning tasks at each stage of the transaction, sending SMS messages to clients, creating online reports, calculating service costs with a built-in calculator, as well as tracking important dates (reminding about contract renewals, sending invoices for payment, suggesting services, etc.). Thanks to the customer management system, your team makes fewer mistakes, sells more, which helps improve management: you spend less time tracking and correcting errors and get more resources for developing business strategies.

CRM system - Get to know your customers better 

The relationship between any company and its customers is a special kind of personal contact. Let's give a simple example: when a barista prepares your coffee that you always order, even before you had a chance to say anything. Another example: a salesperson at a mobile phone store knows how old a customer's child is because they brought in another broken screen for repair. And if we apply this to e-commerce, the website where you shop offers you products that you might like or adds to your cart what you always order. These are not just examples. At Sbitsoft, we have created customer relationship management software for dozens of our clients, and therefore we can confidently say: this is exactly what makes customers come back to a store, service center, or cafe again and again, instead of going to the first unfamiliar place they stumbled upon on the street or in Google. And this is actually the key to the secret of good CRM: it allows you to get to know your customers better. The system not only collects information but also allows you to analyze the data you receive about your customers. And this, in turn, opens up great opportunities for your business.

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