SB Secure - Proven and reliable plugin for Opencart

Effective and reliable plugin to improve the safety of your internet shop.

This plugin protects the control panel from unauthorized access in several ways.

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This plugin changes the control panel address, adds a captcha to the authorization, and blocks or restricts access to the control panel via IP. Additionally, this plugin allows tracking attempts to enter the control panel, and viewing information about whom, when, and from what IP address authorizes in the control panel or tries to authorize.


Briefly, about the possibilities:

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  • The option that denies login to the control panel from the specified IP or opens access to the control panel only from the specified IP;
  • The option that denies site visits from the specified IP or opens access to the site only from the specified IP;
  • Blocking IP access after several unsuccessful authentication attempts, thus closing access and stopping the attacker;
  • Conveniently change the control panel address without the need to rename the folder;
  • Ability to install Google reCAPTCHA v2 on the control panel login page;
  • Using the event log, you can determine who, when, with which login, and from what IP enters or attempts to enter the control panel. You can define, for example, when your employee has started work.


This plugin is safe, because:

  • The plugin does not change the Opencart build files;
  • The plugin does not monitor and has no access to users' passwords;
  • The plugin does not transmit any information to external sources and does not collect confidential information about the shop and its data.

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