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Nowadays most companies has websites. Moreover, it is not extraordinarily, because leads, prospects and customers can find information about a company, its products and services, contact information and buy online on a website.

Development of any website consists of several steps and one the most important is how it looks like.  Everybody wants it to be unique, special, and recognizable, and of course, better that competitors have. While choosing a design of future website, the first you need to decide – will it be unique design or a template. And customers usually have reservations at this step. So, let’s discuss when it is better to choose a unique web design or pick a template.

A template for design of a website.

Template – it is a ready-made web design of a project that just need to be implemented to CMS (Content Management System). Don’t attempt «template» as something bad and completely copy-pasting someone’s design.  Websites that were made using one template will be differ from another by colors, types and functions.  It is about a completely made web design, with a layout. Besides, you have a lot of variants to choose.

The benefits of template

  • The price of a template is lower than a unique design created from scratch. It can be cheaper for 20-30% Professional designers create templates, but they sell their work not to a single person, but to everyone who want to buy it.
  • There are no significant time spent on its implementation, which is very convenient when you need to make the site as soon as possible;
  • Choosing from ready-made options is much more convenient if you don’t have your own ideas about what design should be.

Unique website design

Unique design – individual, designed from scratch design that will not look like the others. Creating a unique design is a very time-consuming process that takes time. Several specialists are working on this design, which makes it much more expensive than the standard one.

The benefits of a unique design

  • The functionality of the site and the pattern of user behavior on the site will be unique;
  • The design will not be similar to others, and is suitable for branded companies with their own style and structure;
  • The approach to solving problems will be individual.

Sbitsoft provides solutions in both template and unique website design. If the project has standard tasks, and the budget and time for it are limited, then it is better to opt for a template design. We will help you choose the most suitable template for a particular project. When the set tasks for the site cannot be realized by a template design, it is necessary to choose a unique design. Web designers, programmers, layout designers of our company implement any project. Leave the application on our website or contact us at sales@sbitsoft.com or  +13475374729

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