Privacy Policy


1.1. In this privacy policy, "Company" refers to Richie Day Ltd - SBITSOFT.

1.2. "Users" refers to the people using the company's website and providing personal information.

Personal Information Collection

2.1. The company will collect users' personal information in order to establish contact with them and improve the services offered to them.

2.2. The company will collect statistical information to analyze and improve the website and the services offered to users.

Use of Third-Party Technologies

3.1. The company may use third-party technologies, such as cookies and analytics tools, to collect statistical information and understand users' behavior on the website.

3.2. The company will allow users to limit or prevent the use of cookies or other analytics tools through their browser settings.

Information Security

4.1. The company will work to secure the information and protect it in accordance with appropriate professional standards, so that personal information remains protected and safe from unauthorized access, use, transfer, or exposure. Therefore, the company will strive to implement and follow all relevant privacy protection and information security guidelines and requirements, including options and tools for identifying and preventing attacks, as well as identifying and addressing potential information loss or unauthorized exposure incidents. The company will conduct vulnerability tests and security system checks and updates at any given time to ensure that the information remains protected and secure against security breaches.

4.2. The company will take all appropriate steps to protect users' personal information, including preventing unauthorized researchers from accessing the company's system and information servers, and analyzing information traffic to identify unauthorized or suspicious actions.

4.3. The company will use users' personal information only for its commercial activities, as detailed in the company's terms of use, and will not use it for other purposes or transfer it to third parties without authorization. The company will maintain personal information as detailed in section 4.1.

4.4. The company will update its privacy policy and information security from time to time in accordance with relevant legal and professional requirements. The company will publish it.

Transfer of Information to Third Parties

5.1. The company will ensure the transfer of personal information to third parties in a manner consistent with this privacy policy and will enter into data processing agreements with these parties that have appropriate protection standards.

5.2 The company will maintain the users' right to delete their personal information from the company's system or request that it not be transferred to third parties.

Additional Rights

6.1. The company will allow users to contact them and request to receive their personal information, correct it, or delete it, as well as object to the processing of their personal information at the email address [email protected]

6.2 The company will maintain all communications with users in a manner appropriate according to the privacy policy and will not use them for purposes other than its commercial activities in accordance with the terms of use.

Privacy Update Option

7.1 The company will allow users to update or correct their personal information collected by the company. Users can do this by contacting the company's support team or by editing their profile on the website. In addition, the company will update its privacy policy from time to time and according to the relevant legal and professional requirements. The updates will be published on the company's website and will take effect on their publication date. Users are invited to review the privacy policy from time to time to stay updated on any relevant changes to the policy.


8.1. The company is committed to providing its website in a way that is as accessible as possible to all users, including people with physical or technological disabilities.

8.2. The company will use tools and technologies that enable users with physical or technological disabilities to access the website and use its services.

8.3. The company will do its best to ensure that the content of the website is accessible to users with physical or technological disabilities.

8.4. The company will adapt the website to accessibility requirements as much as possible and will update its accessibility policy from time to time in accordance with the relevant legal and professional requirements.

8.5. The company will work to provide users with physical or technological disabilities the required support to use its services.

8.6. The company guarantees to address any inquiry regarding accessibility on the website and will act to the best of its ability to resolve the issue.

8.7. The company will publish an accessibility regulation on its website, specifying the options for accessing the site for people with physical or cognitive disabilities. The regulation will contain guidelines and recommendations for designing and developing the website in a way that allows all users to access it smoothly and comfortably. In addition, the company will consider selecting an accessibility adapter or accessibility adapter and making adjustments to the website to ensure that it is accessible to all users.


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