Manage Order Senders


We present to you a unique extension for the OpenCart platform - the "Manage Order Senders" plugin for Opencart. This plugin provides stores with more flexible control over the order processing and delivery process.

The main features of the module include:

1.  Adding a manager field to the order: The "Manage Order Senders" plugin allows you to add an additional field to the order, where you can specify the responsible manager who will process and send the order. This simplifies the organization of work and the distribution of responsibilities within your team.

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2. Autocomplete sender field: The manager field has an autocomplete feature that simplifies the process of selecting a sender from the list of available managers. You can quickly find the desired sender using the search function before adding them to the order.

In the administration panel you will find the following options:

  • Senders management: The "Manage Order Senders" plugin for Opencart provides a convenient interface for creating, editing and deleting order senders. You can add new senders, specify their contact details, and make any necessary changes as needed.
  • Detailed information about senders: You can view and edit complete information about each sender, including their name, contact details, activity status, and other additional information.
  • Search and Filtering: The "Manage Order Senders" plugin provides convenient functions for searching and filtering senders by date. This allows you to quickly find the desired sender using specified parameters and facilitates navigation in the list of senders, as well as view the orders they have sent.
  • Order Statistics: The "Manage Order Senders" plugin provides information on the number and total amount of orders processed by each sender in a given period of time. You can easily track the performance of each manager and conduct result analysis.

The "Manage Order Senders" plugin for Opencart will greatly improve your store's order management process and enable more efficient teamwork. Thanks to its flexible features and user-friendly interface, you can effectively control and optimize the order processing process.

You can download the plugin from the link from the official Opencart plugin store or buy directly from us and get a 15% discount



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