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We present to you the unique "Viewed Products Mailing" plugin, which provides the ability to automatically send emails to customers about their viewed products or abandoned shopping carts. This functionality is an indispensable tool for keeping the attention of customers, reminding them of the products offered and increasing the likelihood of their purchase.

The main advantages of the module for Opencart include:

  1. History of viewed products and abandoned carts: In the module's administration panel, you can view the history of viewed products and abandoned carts. This will allow you to track customer activity and analyze their behavior, which is valuable information for your business.
  2. Flexible module settings:
  • Cron link: The module offers a Cron link for automatic checking and sending of emails, which can be configured according to the desired sending frequency.
  • Developer mode: By adding the "&DEV" parameter to the URL, you can enter developer mode and access additional features and tools for module customization.
  • Language and currency: In the module settings, you can specify the language and currency for the sent emails. You can choose to set the language and currency manually for all emails or use the "auto" mode, which automatically determines each customer's language and currency preferences.
  1. Flexible control of timings and settings:
  • Abandoned Cart Detection: The module allows you to set time intervals for abandoned cart detection. You can specify how long the system will consider the cart as abandoned before sending the corresponding email to the customer.
  • Sending emails about viewed products: The module also provides the ability to set the time interval for sending emails about viewed products. You can specify how long after the product has been viewed, a corresponding email will be sent to the customer.
  1. Limiting the number of products: You can configure the maximum number of products displayed in the email about viewed products. This will help select the most relevant and interesting products for each client, increasing the chances of successful sales.

The "Viewed products mailing" module for Opencart is a useful tool for automating and optimizing the process of interaction with customers. Let this plugin make your job easier and enhance the efficiency of your business.

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