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"Multilanguage in OpenCart: Expand your store's capabilities with the plugin for Opencart!"

You are already familiar with the OpenCart platform and have noticed that its settings lack the multilingual function for such important fields as the store name, description, contact information, and others. But don't worry, there is a great solution! We present you a plugin designed specifically for OpenCart that will make your store multilanguage and satisfy the needs of your global audience.

This plugin provides the ability to make the following store settings fields multilanguage:

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  • Meta Title
  • Meta Tag Description
  • Meta Tag Keywords
  • Store Name
  • Store Owner
  • Address
  • Geocode
  • E-Mail
  • Telephone
  • Fax
  • Image
  • Opening Time
  • Comment
  • Store Logo
  • Icon

Now all this data can be multilanguage and automatically displayed on your store, depending on the site language selected by the user. Previously, this was not possible in OpenCart, but thanks to this dedicated plugin for OpenCart, you can create custom translations for each language.

Languages are edited through convenient tabs located on the store settings page. It's important to note that language tabs are not mandatory to fill out. You can leave the "Default" tab empty, and in that case, the data will apply to all languages by default. However, if you need to provide information in different languages, simply fill out the corresponding fields for each language separately.

It is important to note that the plugin does not create additional tables in the database, but uses the standard OpenCart settings table. This ensures easy installation and integration of the plugin into your store without any additional complexity.

The plugin is compatible with various versions of OpenCart including:

  • OpenCart 2.1.x
  • OpenCart
  • OpenCart 2.3.x
  • OpenCart 3.x.x

You can download the plugin for Opencart from the link from the official plugin store or buy directly from us and get a 15% discount




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