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What specialists are needed for the project?

Nowadays a lot of people are thinking about creating their own site. The purpose of sites can be varied: company advertising and provision the information about it, sales goods and services, as well as many others. 

The creation of a web-resource is a set of interconnected steps that include design, web design, layout, programming, testing, content, web- and marketing technologies. One or two people can’t do such kind of work. It has to be the work of an entire team of highly specialized specialists.

In order to obtain a unique, informative, interesting, and useful resource for visitors, it is necessary to make a responsible choice of specialists who would develop it. It’s very important that all the specialists needed for the project are from the same company, and it’s highly undesirable for them to be freelancers, Chinese, or Hindus.

Considering that such work requires highly qualified specialists, they need less time for work than a multipurpose freelancer who supposedly knows everything. Good specialists that have work experience in their sector work faster, without losing quality. So as having a project manager makes it possible to find solutions in an optimal and efficient way, as opposed to one specialist doing the work and managing at the same time.

To create and maintain a site, you would need:

Designer. As it is known «Always dress for success», therefore site has to have a special and beautiful design. It’s impossible to make such responsible work for a person without the creativity and knowledge of the nuances of web design.

Layout designer. This specialist must have an excellent knowledge of HTML. It is with the help of HTML-code such a person creates an HTML-template, translating into reality the concepts and ideas that the web designer has come up with.

Programmer. This specialist is responsible for the management systems its implementation and integration, development of various kinds of scripts, design of databases, development of interactive elements of the site, ensuring real interaction with the visitor.

Manager. The customer can discuss all the details of the project with this person. The manager acts as the connecting link between the customer and the team that works on the site, taking into account all customer's wishes and representations about the future site.

SEO Optimizer. This specialist increases site attendance by optimizing a site and bringing new visitors from search engines and advertising networks.

Editor. A specialist fills a site with information that he creates or receives from a client.

There are usually several different specialists working on the site, and it is highly unlikely that one person can do all the work on his own, as it is impossible to find such talented and experienced specialists.

Choosing a company for development, you need to know what to pay attention to first of all:

  • A good company should have a portfolio with at least ten quality sites;
  • A company has to be in the web services market for at least 3 years;
  • A company has to give detailed services and resources cost;
  • A good company provides warranty and post-project support.

Sbitsoft company has all these advantages. During the time we have been working in the web services market, we have encountered various projects, both small and large, and our experience in development makes our work very high quality.


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