For developing business on the internet companies create websites, which help them to provide information about their products and services for a large audience.

By automating the process of purchasing a product or service: by adding a huge number of photos, videos, creating a detailed description of the product and comfortable payment methods, you cover only a part of the audience, but what about the other part that has questions and needs additional advice?

It is great when customers want to ask about your service or product. It means that they are interested in your product. This is what you wanted to do! And there is one important thing – the company needs to answer request in 30 seconds. No need to answer the questions, just to greet. (but just to say “Hello”)?

Nowadays people do not want to wait, so if they don’t get a product from you, they get it from your competitors faster and even cheaper. And they will never come back to you for the next purchase.

A company with limited resources often has an important question - what is the best way to proceed? Human resources in a company are exhaustible and the manager not always can answer on request immediately, also he/she works not 24/7. This question is in the table in SME companies that don't need to maintain a large staff of customer support that would be provided 24 hours a day.

Such a situation usually comes up when customers contact a company via Social Media. At this moment company hurls all effort into request received from email and phone call, or other tasks, and start to answer to message on Facebook or other Messengers in the last turn.  As a result, a customer gets lost the same way as a client who loses interest in your product.

Social Chatbots can help to solve these issues.

You will find information below about how to use chatbots to not lose your customers.

1. Usually clients ask the same questions.

To optimize the customer support department, the Chatbot can answer FAQ. For example, terms for delivery, additional tax, price to call a specialist at home, or the price of the first consultation.

2. Chatbot can connect with the manager.

If the user doesn't get the answer he needs or looking for more detailed information, the Chatbot can offer to connect a to the manager that provides him/her the required information. If the manager is absent or busy, the Chatbot informs the prospect that the manager contacts him later.

3. Usually manager who can answer general questions is the first who contacts a customer.

After the user describes what does he/she need, the manager transfers the chat to a specialist. It takes time and it's annoying.Help the client to start a conversation with the right specialist right away, using the Chatbot, the client can choose the directions in which he needs to get advice, for example, with a sales department specialist, or with a technical support specialist. It helps the customer to receive required information faster.

4. Chatbot can be implemented to the website

If you implement FB Chatbot to the website as well, there is no need to use other services to chat.

5. No need to visit a website to start a Chat

If a user finds your company on Facebook, and has questions, he/she can ask them directly on your page. And if you handle a “buy online” option your customer has an opportunity to purchase your product or service on Facebook page.

6. Each client measures up the manager and provided information.

Automatic answering avoids the human factor and increases the quality of customer support.

Such a simple tool as Chatbot allows you to keep your customers, to foster customer loyality, provide required information  and automatize this process.

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