The relevance of chatbots in 2021


Chatbots are special accounts that are not assigned to people, and messages sent from them or to them are processed by an external system. At the same time, for the user, communication with the bot looks like an ordinary correspondence with a real person.

A chatbot is a smart program that lives in instant messengers and performs different functions.

Chatbot is a virtual manager and business assistant.

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Modern chat bots can do almost everything:

- place orders and make purchases;

- set tasks;

- work with support and delivery services;

- to carry out financial transactions;

- get access to information: news bulletins, weather, books and other materials.

These virtual assistants can track parcels, transfer money between accounts, for example, in the courier delivery business, notify couriers about new customer orders. Customers can not only create new orders, but also add new comments, close orders and evaluate the quality of service.

Isn't it convenient? And most importantly, having such opportunities and information, the business has a competitive advantage over those who have not implemented these technologies.


As a Project Manager with expertise in digital marketing and UI/UX, I leverage my economics degree and vast professional experience across industries. Having successfully led numerous marketing projects, I'm committed to staying current with tech trends and digital marketing advancements. I strive to provide optimal solutions for clients, foster collaborative partnerships, and create tailored, beneficial business strategies. My deep-dive approach to product development, coupled with a strong belief in teamwork, ensures exceptional quality in client services.

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