What is API?


API (Application Programming Interface) is an interface that is used with program applications and greatly simplifies life for the customer and the site owner.

Using the API, you can build a relationship with the necessary third-party tools and services so that the customer can solve all the issues in one place, without switching to third-party resources.

The API will help if you want to expand the site's functionality with useful features, but do not want to waste time and money on the development of unique tools, analogues of which already exist.

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Why is the API useful?

Helps you save time.

By correctly integrating the resource with the CRM system, you will manage the organization's resources faster and more efficiently, receive leads from the site directly from the CRM, simplify the interaction between employees, and also be able to solve many issues without the help of a programmer.

Helps to attract an audience.

By setting up the connection with social networks, third-party devices, and popular applications, you will attract new users and increase the functionality of old ones, by creating a lot of new features for them.

Helps to expand the functionality.

Plug in useful services:

  • payment systems,
  • calendar,
  • calorie counter,
  • cards, and much more.

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