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Our company employs only professional and competent employees, who often have to cope with quite complex tasks to create certain API. In all cases we successfully carry out the tasks and give our clients products developed according to their wishes. This activity includes the creation of client platforms that successfully interact with external independent services, improving the quality of the clients validator services which in turn increases the convenience of the client products work and increases the profit.

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Useful information

  • Some facts about API

  • Our integration experience

  • Orat Keva «Masab» integration

  • Accounting systems integration

  • Courier delivery integration

  • Google analytics integration

  • Google search console integration

  • Facebook & Instagram integration

  • Google Maps integration

  • Amazon integration

  • Ebay integration

  • Facebook Messenger integration

  • Mailing & SMS

  • Paypal integration


Some facts about API

For example, you have a site and you want to share this site data with other sites or place your products on other sites - for this purpose you need API. The software we have developed can connect different platforms.

Depending on client wishes we can integrate existing APIs or build our own routes and communication schemes. All you need is to contact our managers by making a request on our site. Explain them your ideas, and managers in turn can help you realize these ideas.

Some facts about API:

  • Almost all mobile applications use API to access databases and services;
  • Unlike ready-made fereing systems you keep your own API code and canchange it like you want;
  • Own API allows you to increase your service capacity when you do not need to use paid intermediaries;
  • Logs are useful for debugging different parts of application, as well as for collecting and analyzing API information to detect errors.

Our integration experience

For its practice Sbitsoft company has faced with various challenges in payment system sphere. We have experience in development of plugins for various payment platforms, experience in  integration and creation API for payment gateways and electronic wallets that allow to accept payments worldwide.

Available setting options for payment system customization:

  • Plugin integration;  
  • API integration;
  • API creation;
  • Payment gateways integration;
  • Virtual currency/cryptocurrency systems integration.

Experience in integration of:

  • Tranzilla  
  • Z-credit  
  • Creditguard  
  • Payme
  • Creditpay  
  • Verifone  
  • Pelecard
  • Icredit Rivhit
  • Stripe

Orat Keva «Masab» integration

What is Masab? Masab is a bank clearing center. It is a joint service company and is owned by the following banks: Apoalim, Leumi, Discont, Mizrahi and Benleumi Bank.

Monthly payment order system integration (orat keva) is necessary for monthly payments of your customers via the bank. First your business must apply to its bank to register the company and issue a license to receive money from customers via orat keva. There are several ways to work with «Masab» after registration:

  • Integrate your ERP or CRM system directly with «Masab»;
  • Rent technical resources from Tranzilla company.

Available technical solutions:

  • Cooperation with any computer or software with the standard HTTPS security protocol, similar credit card systems. Accounts are  generated automatically at fixed time according to the business definition and / or manually at any time;
  • Charging by uploading a payment order file in a standard CSV format. Payment order file is regularly updated by the company. All transactions transfer to Masab;
  • Full reporting and geting a segmented reports on successful payment requests;
  • Search transactions, create reports and track transactions graphically across segments;
  • Ability to export transaction data to billing system or Excel;
  • Full reporting of «orat keva» returns with the possibility to export and import data to your billing system or Excel.

Accounting systems integration

Accounting program and payment system integration is necessary in all cases of online trading, whether it is an online store or the remote goods sale by individuals.

Accounting program inventory integration with your site will help you to manage the current stock balances more quickly, and will also avoid problems with dissatisfied customers who have ordered the goods even though they are not available. Automatic receipt generation will save labour.

  • Different types of documents generation (heshbonit mas kaballa, heshbonit zikui, azmana, etc.);
  • Inventory integration with your website database and vice versa;  
  • Client database import\export;  
  • New client creation in a database via site integration;  
  • Full integration cycle between payment system, website and accounting program.

Sbitsoft company has a large experience in accounting systems integration. We will certainly complete the task at the highest level having received all detailed requirements for integration from customer 

Our company has experience with this accounting systems:

  • Hashavshevet  
  • Rivhit
  • Eskit
  • Misradit
  • Icount
  • GreenInvoice

Courier delivery integration

Success depends to a large extent on business logistics proper structuring, courier delivery integration is one of the key points in time saving. This option saves precious staff time needed to enter data for manual delivery. The option will prevent the human factor from interfering with the data set process and thus prevent common errors arising from the incorrect entry of the delivery data, including the name of the recipient, contact information and the delivery address.

Advantages of delivery service integration:

  • Optimizes the process of costing and purchase processing;
  • Significantly improves client service;  
  • Saves staff time and the need to enter each order separately and print shipment labels;
  • Reduces the errors probability when delivery parts are enter incorrectly;
  • Allows client to track the status of delivery on the Internet independently;
  • Reduces the number of requests for delivery support.

Technical advantages:

  • Order automatic delivery when new order is received in the admin panel;
  • Courier delivery site full synchronization;
  • Current delivery location tracking;
  • Notify customers of current delivery status;  
  • Stamping transport labels for delivery;  
  • Export reports with different data segmentation;
  • Delivery cost and data from the courier company reconciliation.

We have experience in such courier companies integration:

  • Fedex express & TNT
  • UPS
  • HFD
  • Chita delivery  
  • Tapuz  
  • Doar Israel

Google analytics integration

Google search console integration

Facebook & Instagram integration

Integration consists of two parts: automatic Facebook Pixel installation and Facebook Shop integration. Facebook Pixel is a piece of website code that allows you to measure performance, optimize advertising and create audiences for advertising campaigns. Facebook Shop - selected goods unloading on Shop section Facebook. Your online stores customers will be able to view and buy your products directly on Facebook.

When all the steps of InSales and Facebook have been done, and youu connected your Facebook business account with your Instagram business account, you will be able to mark goods with product tags from your catalog. Instagram Shopping Tags is a new Instagram function.

Google Maps integration

Integrate Google Maps with your CRM, ERP or mobile application and use it for various business purposes.

For example, the logistics department can obtain data about delivery company’s vehicles location. Taxi operators can obtain information on the cars and customers that have made an order location. Courier company can create and build delivery routes based on various factors: address, distance, traffic, time and other parameters.

Sbitsoft company deals with the issues of creating such and similar kind of services that, with the help of GPS and Google Maps technologies, will fully provide you with the necessary information and bring it to a geographical map.

Attention! - part of Google’s Google Maps services are paid. You can get acquainted with the tariffs on the official website of the google company here.

What can we do with our skills and these technologies:

  • Map routes and measure distances;
  • Show the weather on the map;
  • Create search systems for geographical objects on map and map their routes;
  • Optimize time and fuel resources;
  • Show locations and events on map;
  • Fully use geographical maps to realize your ideas in your services.

Amazon integration

Ebay integration

Facebook Messenger integration

Get more information about Facebook messenger integration here

Mailing & SMS

Email Marketing is a component of customer communication that aims to communicate with the audience via e-mail. Communication begins with regular newsletters, special suggestions and advice. In addition, if you publish articles in blog, the newsletter will be the way to distribute them.

You can attach email and SMS messaging service to your website. It allows you to use such advantages:

  • Site database automatic export and its import to mailing system;  
  • Client segmentation on different interests;  
  • Your own subscription or write-off forms with ready-made templates creation;
  • Newsletters and commercial mailing establishment;
  • Content integration into social network;
  • Analysis and reporting on companies development.

We have experience in such mailing system integration:

  • ActiveTrail
  • Responder
  • Mailchimp
  • GlobalSMS
  • Unisender
  • Esputnik
  • GetReponse

Paypal integration



Payment terms


Payment terms depends on the project size.





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Alternatives: hourly pay or long-term staff rent.

Payment methods

We accept the following payment methods

  • icn MasterCard
  • icnVISA
  • icnWebMoney
  • icnBank
  • icnTransactions
  • icnPayPal


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