Questions for the beginning of work.

With what tasks can I contact you?

Our company offers development services for more than 6 years. Working in the field of IT, we have successful experience in creating and maintaining projects of various complexity. From business card websites to websites of large companies and high-load systems. We create projects that work with payment systems, delivery systems and other systems using API.

The company has departments for working with clients and orders. The entire process of creating a site is performed only by our employees without the use of third-party developers and freelancers.

We solve all issues related to the creation of Internet projects from the moment you contact us , until the start of the project, with its subsequent maintenance and promotion. You receive not only a full-fledged product, but also its constant support.

I have no job description, how to start?

After you contact us, you will receive a  free support from a personal manager who will help you create a project description and will supervise the project at all stages.

What do I need to create a website?

To create a website you need to contact the professionals of our company. Managers will help you to choose the concept of the future website and explain at what stages  of creating your own website is divided, calculate the cost and time.

Steps for working with us:

– Creating a project description with the help of a project manager;

– Our preparation of the estimates according to your requirements;

– Coordination of additional details and deadlines;

– Signing a cooperation agreement;

– The creation and launch of the site;

– Website promotion.

I need an Online store, what do I need to do?

Our team has vast big experience in creating Online stores.

First of all, you should choose a suitable design that will correspond to your industry and ашеештп domain name of your future website. Decide what categories of products will be present on the website and their location in the menu. Pick up bright, eye-catching  banner images and send them to our developers.

Choose payment methods and delivery ways. . In any case, our project manager will be able to answer any questions you may have in the process of creating your website.

I need a website, what do I need to do? (logo, design, website)

In order we can start to develop your website we need additional information from you.  Send  us your wishes and requirements, on the basis of which we will draw up a proposal, which after agreement with you will be  sent to work. You will receive a complete product based on your wishes and recommendations of our experienced staff.

I need a landing page, what do I need to start?

In order to make a landing, you just need to contact us with a request. Experienced specialists of our company will help you with this. Having a good portfolio, we will be able to recommend you options with which we can create a landing page.

A Landing page is a one-page website  that contains information about a company or a product/services. If you have chosen a page theme, then you need to select the appropriate design – our designers who will either select the appropriate template design or create a unique own design due to your requirements, will help you with it. The text to be displayed on the page is transmitted by the customer. And if the customer has no text? And here we can help! Our copywriters can create texts and photo materials on a given topic. Also we will create a  contact/feedback form.  After a few days you can start selling.

What is the difference between unique design and a template design?

Unique design – design, which is created by our experts. It is exclusive and personally yours, which excludes the possibility of using the same design by someone else on your project without informing you.

Template design is a template that was created in advance and can be used by someone on other projects, because it does not have uniqueness, but is as high-quality as a unique design.

The difference between these two types is exclusivity. The first one is exclusive, the second one can be used on other projects?

Solution for cost optimization – we use a template site, we make changes in it, which lead to the fact that it is different and already has a greater degree of exclusivity, but requires less financial expenses.



What websites have you already done? Show me examples.

Over the years of fruitful work, we have gathered a large base of satisfied customers, many of whom continue to cooperate with us on new projects.

Please, look at our portfolio following the link https://sbitsoft.com/en/#examples

I already have a website, but I need to make changes in it.

We work with different systems, we have experience in most popular CMS systems, which makes it possible to implement any changes on your website.

Specialists of our company will gladly give recommendations on how to improve your website.

Technical questions.

What does the website consist of?

A website can be an immense source of information. Basically, websites are divided into 2 types: Informative website and eCommerce website. An informative website is used by companies, bloggers, photo studios, etc. This list goes on and on. The main objective of this site is to fully provide information about yourself and your company. The website may contain text-graphic materials, a photo gallery, videos from YouTube or uploaded by the administrator, blogs, articles. The website can work with other systems, be integrated  with payment systems or with third-party databases of information, which allows you to increase the value of your business.

What can an eCommerce website contains?

eCommerce website  is your online store, that helps you to sell worldwide, receive payments by credit card or online payment systems. At the same time, the online-store offers  customers  to Buy online or choose a delivery way.

An online store can contain information about your company, its services, a photo gallery, feedback forms and online ordering of goods and services.

Do you provide with domain and hosting?

Yes, we provide with domains and hosting.

What platform do you use to develop a website&?

While creating online projects, we use our own time-tested insights. This is a program code created by us that has been tested and optimized.

In addition, developers of our company use the most popular  and content management systems (CMS): WordPress, Opencart, Magento, Prestashop and others.

Pricing, terms and billing questions

What are the terms of creating a website?

The minimum time to complete a site creation task is 14 business days. During this time, we deploy the engine, create the core, make the necessary graphic edits and fill the site with basic content. All this in the case of the originally announced site from the base segment. Basically, the evaluation of the timing of the implementation of a project is an individual matter and depends on many components. Managers of our company will always help to determine the dates for completing the task.

How is the calculation for the work make?

Payment for the project is divided into several stages.  After signing a  contract between the client and our company, the customer pays 30% of the project cost. After performing the basic design and software work, and this is a large part of the project, the customer pays another 30% of the total value of the contract. After carrying out all the checks of the project’s performance, making corrections, adding basic information and general testing, the client pays the rest. All additional work made under the project is paid separately and is not included in the total price.

How much does it cost to create a website?

Our company has developed a unique and very convenient way of  creating a basic website (informative site or online-store) with a fixed price for the development and a fixed monthly payment for the content and technical support of the project. Also, there is an hourly fee for the development of projects of higher complexity. We approach each work with an hourly estimates individually, since each separate project takes a different amount of time and, accordingly, funds to create different projects. At any time convenient for you, you can get advice by contacting by phone or email.

Do I have to pay upfront?

Not. We do not practice a prepayment system. First payment you make after all agreements will be reached and we will get your approval.

What is the price for domain and hosting?

The cost of the domain depends on the domain zone, for example, .net or .com, but as a rule, the cost does not exceed $ 20 per year.

The cost of hosting is determined by the tariff plan and can range from $ 4 to $ 17 per month, including one hour of technical support and free  support by manager. More expensive tariff plans are offered for large projects and are discussed individually.

Additional questions.

Do you create content?

Yes, our copywriters can create a unique content for your website due to your wishes and requirements.

Who add content to the website?

We do  filling in with basic information. After the website has been tested,  your employees can add content to the website or our editors can do this for you, according to additional agreements.

Do you translate to other languages?

Yes, we translate your content into other languages. This is done by skilled professional translators. For translation we use partner translation agency’s services.

What does SEO optimization mean?

SEO optimization is a set of measures intended for website promotion in search engines, which in turn leads to an increase in its attendance by the target audience.

Do you do SEO optimization?

Our company has SEO specialists who are engaged in search engine promotion sites.

What are the guarantees?

After creating  a website you will get a support  and the guarantee of fixing bugs that can be accidentally detected after releasing the project.

Do you provide with support after website is ready?

Yes, we provide with support of all our services and make additional work if needed.

Are you doing site optimization for Google Speed?

Yes, but in each case we discuss it individually. It depends on the project’s budget, it’s volume and client’s requirements.