What should a technical specification contain and how to write it correctly


The creation of a web project is a complex process that requires a clear understanding of goals, tasks, and technical requirements. In this article, we will look at what the Terms of Reference (TOR) should include and how to draw it up correctly to ensure successful project development with Sbitsoft professionals.

1. Introduction: why do we need terms of reference?

A terms of reference is a document that serves as the foundation for the development of a web project. It is created on the basis of a dialogue between the customer and the contractor, in our case, our company. This document becomes a kind of “road map” that determines how the goals will be achieved.

2. Structure of terms of reference: main components

2.1. Introduction and project description.

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The first section of the terms of reference should contain an introduction, which describes the overall goals of the project, its context and basic requirements. This helps to clearly articulate what exactly is intended to be achieved.

2.2. Description of functionality and capabilities

This section should contain a detailed description of the functions and capabilities of the project. Here it is recommended to use terms that are understandable to both the customer and the developers. Use cases, work scenarios, and required integrations are all things to consider.

2.3. Requirements for design and interface

Defining design requirements helps establish the overall style of the project, including color schemes, fonts, and other essential aspects of the visual presentation.

2.4. Security and data protection requirements

Security is an important aspect of web development. The terms of reference should include requirements for data protection, access management, and other security aspects.

2.5. Performance and optimization requirements

Defining expected performance indicators and optimization requirements helps create a project that operates efficiently and swiftly.

2.6. Technological stack

Defining the technologies to be used is a crucial step. This includes selecting programming languages, frameworks, databases, and other technical solutions.

2.7. Testing and acceptance criteria

Clear testing and acceptance criteria help ensure that the developed project meets the customer's expectations.

2.8. Timelines and budget.

Setting project timelines and budget helps keep all work within the established constraints.

3. How to write a technical specification: recommendations from Sbitsoft

3.1. Define project goals and objectives

Before you start writing the terms of reference, clearly define the goals and objectives of the project. The more clearly they are formulated, the easier it will be to create a detailed terms of reference.

3.2. Interaction with the development team

Communication with our development team is key. Only close cooperation with the customer allows us to achieve maximum clarity in understanding the requirements.

3.3. Be as detailed as possible

The more detailed the requirements, the less likely there are misunderstandings and errors during the development process. Include examples, diagrams, and other illustrations for clarity.

3.4. Consider possible risks

Be aware of possible risks and anticipate them in the terms of reference. This will help save time and resources during the development process.

3.5. Define project success criteria

A clear definition of project success criteria allows you to avoid misunderstandings in assessing the project’s readiness for launch.

4. Sbitsoft: your reliable development partner

Our company offers experienced development teams that will assist you in creating a terms of reference and its subsequent implementation. Visit our website for additional information about our services.

The terms of reference is the foundation of a successful project development. Its correct spelling is the key to ensuring that your project will be created effectively and will meet all your expectations. Trust the professionals at Sbitsoft and your project will come to life to your highest standards.

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