What is Mailings, MailChimp, other mailing systems and our experience with them


In the modern world of information technology, email remains one of the most effective communication tools. Mailings, as well as popular systems such as MailChimp, play a key role in organizing marketing campaigns and interacting with audiences. Let's explore at what mailings and MailChimp are, and also take a look at other popular email marketing systems.

1. Mailings: Essence and Application

Mailings is a method of sending electronic messages intended for a mass audience. It is used in various fields, including business, marketing, information dissemination, and internal communication.

Application of Mailings:

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  • Marketing Campaigns: Mailing are used to promote goods, services, carry out promotions and send out discount offers..
  • Information Mailing: Companies regularly update their subscribers on news, events, and other relevant matters.
  • Internal Communication: In offices, mailings are used to exchange information within the company, announcements and notifications.

2. MailChimp: Leader among Systems Mailings

MailChimp – is an online platform for creating, sending and analyzing email mailings. It provides the user with tools for designing letters, managing subscriber lists, and tracking mailing results.

Advantages MailChimp:

  • Ease of Use: MailChimp's interface is intuitive, making creating and sending mailings accessible even to beginners.
  • Automation: The platform supports automatic sending of mailings at specified times or in response to certain actions of subscribers.
  • Analytics: MailChimp provides detailed reports on which mailings were opened, which links were activated and other key metrics.


SendGrid – is a service that focuses on ensuring reliable email delivery. It provides monitoring and analytics capabilities to improve the effectiveness of mailings.


GetResponse provides not only mailings tools, but also the ability to create web forms, sales funnels and webinars, making it a comprehensive marketing solution.


MailerLite offers a simple interface, convenient subscriber management and the ability to create adaptive emails.

4. Our Experience in Implementing Mailings for Customers

For many years, our team has successfully implemented email marketing strategies for various clients. We carefully analyze their needs, develop personalized approaches, and implement systems that effectively engage with their target audience..

Examples of Our Projects:

  • Development of Communication Channels: We have helped businesses expand their communication channels with customers, using mailings to effectively inform about new products and offers.
  • Process Automation: The introduction of automated mailing systems has allowed our clients to significantly save time and resources, while ensuring constant interaction with the audience.

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Effective Interaction with Subscribers

Mailing and systems such as MailChimp have become indispensable tools for effectively interacting with audience. The selection of a suitable mailing system depends on the company’s goals, analytics requirements and functionality.

Choosing the right mailing system helps not only promote products and services, but also maintain long-term relationships with customers. Regular and high-quality mailings are a key tool in the marketing arsenal of any business seeking to maintain a sought-after and proactive image.

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