Test your idea by creating a landing page!


Have an interesting idea but don't know where to start? 

Not sure if your idea is successful and afraid of losing all your money initially? 

Test your idea by creating a landing page!

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What is the benefit of validating an idea before launching it?
Starting a new business is always a risk. You can slightly reduce it and make sure that the idea works by confirming it.

Idea validation helps to:

- Study the market and assess the chances of your startup.

- Get first-hand feedback from potential customers.

- Test the product on a budget and, if necessary, modify it.

To create a landing page, you need to:

  • Determine the goals of the landing page;
  • Understand who your target audience is;
  • State your idea in as much detail and as understandable as possible;
  • Apply your idea to our team.

Conversion figures and the number of orders are the main indicators for evaluating the result, and using the results obtained, you can determine the future of your idea.
The SbitSoft team will help you achieve your goals!

As a Project Manager with expertise in digital marketing and UI/UX, I leverage my economics degree and vast professional experience across industries. Having successfully led numerous marketing projects, I'm committed to staying current with tech trends and digital marketing advancements. I strive to provide optimal solutions for clients, foster collaborative partnerships, and create tailored, beneficial business strategies. My deep-dive approach to product development, coupled with a strong belief in teamwork, ensures exceptional quality in client services.

Nikita Trofim
Commercial director

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