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Have you ever thought about how useful might be ChatBots in marketing promotion and communication with visitors? Chat Bot is an online agent that can communicate with visitors of your website or Facebook page via Messenger. In fact, it is your virtual assistant, it helps business clients 24/7 and is capable to serve multiple requests at the same time. Chat Bot turns your website or Facebook page into a source of income and client retention. Providing a quick and complete response helps in sales and customer service processes. Sbitsoft company has extensive experience in ChatBots development and we are glad to help your business reach new heights.

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  • It’s important to know.

  • «Chat Bot» usage options.

  • Available Chat Bot functions:

  • Chat Bots are useful for business:

  • Chat Bot for Online Store.

  • Chat Bot for Leads generation.

  • Technical specifications:

  • Chat Bot for food and delivery.


It’s important to know.

You might have noticed a Chat Bot Messenger widget on our site (in the corner of the FB messenger icon)!? Chat bot is actively used in trade, significantly increases conversion of unknown visitors and potential clients with necessary data to start the dialogue. It is enough for a site visitor to ask Chat Bot for help. In the process of automatic communication with a bot, a company employee can monitor online chatting and join the conversation with the potential customer, replacing the automatic bot answers, at any time. Using the Facebook Chat Bot, you get all the necessary information from the Facebook database, that’s why Facebook Chat Bots are more efficient than their competitors.

By next year more than 80% of online business owners will integrated Chat Bots into their business. If you want to remain competitive by that time, you should consider using this technology in your online project. Chat Bots continue to gain popularity in online commerce. Why? Due to changes in customer preferences! Messengers are at their peak now. Statistical indicator for the opening of personal messages is 98 %, which is five times higher than for e-mail (5-20 %).

СAccording to a 2018 World Trade Congress report, the use of Chat Bots in online stores increased sales of Great Britain’s largest online stores by 20%.

What do I need a Сhat Bot for?

Chat Bots are multitasking. They provide useful information on the user’s requests: recommendations of goods, services, weather forecast, currency exchange, poster, word translation, latest news, help to find a suitable flight, book a ticket and order a taxi.  Bots helpers are reminiscent of upcoming events. Mail bots trail the package by track code. Chat Bots make it easier to find and download books, movies and music. Media uses Chat Bots to deliver content and news to readers via messengers.

«Chat Bot» usage options.

There are over 100,000 different chat bots integrated into Facebook Messenger now. Bots perform such functions as advising goods, processing orders, collecting customers information, etc. If your potential clients are using Facebook Messenger, you should consider creating a chat bot for this messenger. Thereby you will acquire new potential customers, automate their attraction and involvement in the sales vortex.

Chat bot can be displayed on your site under the name icon of «social network», as we have - «messenger» in the right corner or be among your Messenger contacts.

  • «Chat Bot» on site. Chat Bot purpose is to attract a site visitor to a dialogue, then provide him with an information about the product or service, make an order, find necessary information for a visitor, make a contact with the unknown visitor, thus connect a client to the site administrators online. This contributes to the significant growth of sales on the site!
  • «Chat Bot» in Messenger (Facebook business page). The purpose of Chat Bot is to make user’s life much easier. Client does not need to visit your site. Everything he needs, including payment, he does directly in Facebook messenger chat. Imagine a future where you can make any purchase in a few minutes using contacts in a Messenger or WhatsApp!

Available Chat Bot functions:

  • Goods and services sale. Chat Bot asks customers about the required product and opens the card this product directly in chat, using integration with your e-commerce site;
  • Automatic client interaction. Chat Bot responds to client’s standard questions by means of help or open dialogue, calculates the price of goods or services, book and process orders;
  • Content mailing based on client interests. Notify customers about news, special offers and promotions through Push up messages in the Messenger;
  • Integration with your website. Tell users about your company, show the goods and services catalogue, portfolio and any other information;
  • Online appointment. Bot can help your clients get a consultation or sign up for service using synchronization with the calendar. You can purchase a ready-made product Bee-Bot made by our company, click here <a href="https://bee-bot.info/" target="_blank">;</a>
  • Payments acception and integration with payment systems. Client can place an order in a minute and receive payment verification;
  • Notification. Remind your clients about upcoming events, send GPS routes to the nearest point, and navigate routes;
  • Statistics and Analysts. Analyze Chat Bot activity, dialogue history and obtain data to optimize marketing.

Chat Bots are useful for business:

  • You can significantly raise sales results on your site;  
  • You can use the data received from user to segregate the audience and provide a targeted client based on your activity;
  • Convenient work in one chat window need not to switch from chat to external links;  
  • Bot works on all platforms with Facebook messenger. If you have a messenger, you can start a dialogue instantly;  
  • It is possible to transmit information through Chat Bot: sex, birth year, telephone numbers, images, geographical data, track codes, photo and video files. Processing this information, Chat Bot can solve many problems, e.g. find the nearest cafe or hotel;
  • It is much cheaper to develop a Chat Bot than create a mobile application;
  • Bot will take over most of the employees work of advising clients in online chat and phone calls;
  • Instant responses at any time of day. Chat Bot is open 24 hours a day, with no weekends and rest, no sick leave.  


Chat Bot for Online Store.

We develop chat bots for online stores. You can set a Chat Bot as widget on your site or link to your business page. Chat Bot for stuff sale include:

  • Artificial Intelligence Dialogue, that is a valuable source of information and your work expertise;
  • Bot menu displays the most demanded categories: popular products, search, commodity categories, technical support, commodity tracking and private account;
  • Search system allows you to find a necessary product in a few seconds;
  • Display products and services card including descriptions, prices, technical specifications, etc.;
  • Shopping cart;
  • Booking allows you to specify all the necessary customer data and make payment via paypal or other payment terminals;  
  • Product availability check - links your website (bot) to an accounting program to check the availability of products in the stock;
  • Products tracking. Allows to provide your client with the necessary information about the current status of delivery by integration with the courier company;
  • User’s private account will allow your clients to use the order history for re-order in a few minutes, get a receipt, edit personal data, etc.;
  • Reminder. Bot connects to the Facebook database, thus if client has not completed an order, bot will send a push up message to his smartphone. Bot can inform client about any changes in the current order as well;  
  • GPS tracker allows to specify the nearest branch of your store.

Chat Bot for Leads generation.

We develop Chat Bots for commercial landings There are some functions that available for development:

  • Chat Bot can be installed on your FB business page or landing as widget. Bot will substantially increase the conversion of paid or organic advertising as a result. If you do not believe, ask your advertiser or marketer;
  • Bot will provide all necessary information to a client via dialogue and will also allow you to follow the dialogue online and continue to communicate directly with the client without his need to leave you a phone number or email. Communication is made via Facebook Messenger;
  • Service Order. Chat Bot will provide your client with the full range of services, including the necessary data, and will help him to make an order and produce payment;
  • Audience analysis and segmentation. You will be able to analyze the results of your activity in more detail and increase the effectiveness of advertising on the basis of the client Facebook data;
  • Reminder. Bot connects to the Facebook database, thus if client has not completed an order, bot will send a push up message to his smartphone.

Technical specifications:

  • Bot is developed on the Facebook platform itself, it can be linked to your Facebook business page or set as widget on your site;
  • Chat Bot is made individually on the basis of your business activities;  
  • Chat Bot development is based on your Facebook business page or other Facebook account;
  • You do not need to pay monthly to our company or social network after «Chat Bot» development. Unlike Apple store or Google play, that charge 30% commission on each transaction, the bot is free in everyday use;
  • It is obvious to register in a social network to create «Chat Bot». Each company has different dates and requirements for registration.


Chat Bot for food and delivery.

We develop chat bots that specialize in food purchase and delivery. There is a part of functionality that available for development:

  • Chat Bot can include menu sections with food and beverages, as well as an express menu for quick ordering;
  • GPS technology. Chat Bot allows to determine client geographical location, make an order and receive it in the nearest branch of your business;
  • Integration with cash register. Chat Bot is available for integration with cafe and restaurant cash registers. Thus, an order can be received as a list for a restaurant’s kitchen, and processed together with other orders of your business;
  • Repeated orders. Client can set up a repetitive order cycle. Thus, the processing can be completely automatic. A ready-made order will await the customer at the place on the specified day and time;
  • Feedback system. Chat Bot allows you to request for feedback from your clients and publish rating on your business page;  
  • If you are interested in developing a Chat Bot for your business, you can learn more about this from our managers.


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