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First impression matters, your clients need only 5 seconds to evaluate your project design. The first thing you notice while picking the products in a store is package design, don't you? The same rule works with the site. Its design should be unique and visually pleasing. It is important to create the most convenient structure for the client to have quick access to any information on your resource. A very meaningful thing is to find the right color palette for website design.

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  • Template design

  • Individual design

  • Online Store

  • Corporate website

  • Design for landings

  • Portal design

  • Website adaptability

  • Site redesign

  • Corporate style

  • Mobile application design


Template design

A template design is a solution that is not developed individually according to your requirements and wishes, but is bought or downloaded from the template catalogues. There are many platforms that offer template designs. For example, Themeforest website where you can find a large catalogue of designs for different projects.

Advantages of template design

Price and time. It will take less time to find and get a template than to develop a unique design. In fact someone has already draw the most popular pages and its components. The price of such templates in the range of $20-70.

Design flexibility. Universal design developers aim to provide a customer with the most extensive range of design pages. If you want a standart format project, you are satisfied with the design of template and its components, and you will not make any significant changes in the design, then yes, such a budget version can suit you.

Disadvantages of template design

Similarity. If a design is not developed individually according to customers requirements there is a huge probability to run into the same site design (or even 10 sites) surfing the  Internet. Such site is  not unique therefore it is unlikely that your visitors will remember it.

"Dirty" code. Template designers are primarily for commercial purposes, so the common problem of template designs is "dirty" code. Often sites-catalogues that distribute the templates "sew" invisible links to external sources (for example: sites for adults) into the code, thereby trying to promote their site at the customer’s expense.

Promotion in search systems. It is almost impossible to break into the top positions for high-frequency queries with a template design. Search engines know how to distinguish unique design from template.

Limited editing. This problem is common to all template sites. We often find that a client chooses a template and then tries to change it completely. Though changing the base code and updating the topic can cause internal errors or become impossible to fix. As a result, changing the color range, visual elements, blocks, etc., tends to waste time and money without giving the desired result.

Complex integration with corporate style. A lot of companies already have a certain brand style, logo and branding elements. All these elements should be on a new website as well. It is difficult to find a template design that fits the brand style.

Safety. Hackers like template sites because they can hack several sites at once if you don’t go to testing specialists who can prevent it.

Individual design

The approach to individual design is very different. In order to achieve the required result, it is necessary to understand the Internet marketing, to have good taste and style, to take into account the specifics of your business, that will allow you to design correctly and tastefully. The purpose of the design will be to focus the attention of a large number of visitors on your resource.

Advantages of unique design

Individuality. Is the most significant benefit. Design takes into account all subtleties of your business activity, structure, appearance and site functionality. All interface and graphical content elements are unique, that in turn has a positive impact on the users attendance and conversion of your site.

Based on the wishes. As it has been already mentioned, the template design is developed without taking into account the personal client wishes. Its goal is to be universal for all. A unique design assumes this by default. No one better than the client is able to describe the features the niche, his wishes and design requirements. With this information  specialists can work better not only on the information architecture but also on the graphical interface.

Team work. The web studio has a full-fledged team of several people working on the design. Usually there are a project manager, designer, UX & UI analyst, SEO specialist, illustrator. Only in this case the creation of the site design includes all the necessary steps to achieve the set goals.

SEO optimization. In the developing an in dividual design we take into account all search engine requirements.

Disadvantages of unique design

"Above-everage price". Depending on the tasks given, site type and designer requirements, the price of a site can significantly exceed the price of a template site.

Delivery dates. The implementation of individual site design development can vary from a few days, as in the case of landing, to several months, as in the development of a full-fledged platform. Developing an individual design, client should realize that the required amount of work time can increase due to the possible variety of unique design options and their adjustment to obtain the desired result.

Online Store

We develop individual online store design with adaptive version. Our aim is to create a «selling Online Store» with high conversion for you. Design process begins with the brief, work statement and prototype.

Corporate website

A well-designed corporate site will show your clients the advantages of your services, demonstrate your solidity and enhance your image.

Design for landings

It is hard to believe, but often a single website page can sell much more than an entire Internet store. You just need to create a landing design that will attract attention because of careful marketing and originality.

Portal design

Large number of information blocks should be properly and conveniently placed in such a large-scale project. Categories catalogue, search, tags, texts and photos requires experience and a completely different approach from website design.It is particularly important to work out the navigation in a portal designing. Our specialists will help you to do all this stuff.

Website adaptability

It is no  secret that in the ere of mobile devices number of site visitors who use phone or tablet for navigation has increased to the unthinkable 50-60%. If your site is hard-to-view on this devices you lose clients every day. Google, for example, considers site adapting to mobile viewing as one of the main factors that influence the site position.

Site redesign

Sooner or later everything new gets old. Trends change daily, especially in progressive online space. What was popular a couple of years ago is no longer relevant today. Tomorrow the modern design will be out-of-date. Site redesign solves this problem but you have to know when to do it, what to change and how to do it properly.

Corporate style

Companys corporate style is the first assessment of your business, with the help of corporate style company stands out among hundreds of others. First impression of the company are often made according to its trademark, business card, advertising, forms, calendars and site. Our specialists will develop a brand book for you, where you can find the logo using descriptoin, branded colors, fonts and other visual components related to your brand.

Mobile application design

Mobile application design plays an important role in service creation. Functionality and utility are the most important for users, but if design is not attractive or even makes it difficult to work with the application, it would be removed.



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