Integration of payment systems

Any organization of online trading needs acceptance of payments on the site, whether it is an online store or remote sale of goods by private individuals.

There are different options of setting up online payment on a website: directly through banks, using payment systems, payment gateways, mobile operators or payment service aggregators ... The factor of comfort payment process for a buyer must be an important determinant in choice, equally with factors of payment security and commission size. As well as the simplicity and speed of service connection.

Our experience:

Sbitsoft company used to face tasks of varying complexity in its practice. We are experienced in the development of plug-ins for different platforms, integration and creation of API for payment gateways, e-wallets, that allow you to accept payments worldwide.

Registration of such payment systems is available for individuals and entities, mobile payments are a convenient way of billing for small amounts. Subscribers send and receive SMS to confirm payment actions, then stipulated amount is debited from the account. Immediate execution of a transaction, as well as online banking, involves payment for goods and services through special bank applications for transactions via the Internet. User requires login and password, that must be previously obtained in a bank or self-service terminal. Operations are distinguished by highly secure, do not require inputting of personal data (for example, a card number), payment is made instantly.

Here are a few APIs of various companies we have worked with before:

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