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Google Maps and GPS navigation

You are the head of the logistics department and want to get information about where your delivery vehicles are now? You are the owner of a taxi service company and instructed your employees to ensure receiving information about car location or a customer who had made an order? So contacting our company you are making the right way.

The fact is that we are managing the development of such and similar services that, using GPS and Google Maps technology, will fully provide you with the necessary information and output it to a geographic map.

We know how to create services, integrated with Google Maps and allowing you to map dynamic or static data from GPS devices or data from projects' databases.

That is what we do using our skills and these technologies:

Create routes and measure distances;
Optimize time and fuel resources;
Show the weather on the map;
Show places and events on the map;
Create systems to search geographical objects on the map and make routes to them;
Fully use geographical maps for implementing your ideas in your services.
Contact our managers to solve such tasks and create services, please.

Here are a few APIs of various companies we have worked with before:

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