ERP software
for telecom companies

The project's purpose was to integrate the joint activities of the systems into one program, from connecting to the ERP system and up to inventory accounting systems, a client card-file and monthly invoicing using various payment methods.

Some basic features:

  • Flexibility
  • Radius
  • DHCP server
  • Extensions according to company's requirements
  • Equipment support
  • IPv6
  • Unix
  • Netflow, sFlow
  • ISG by Cisco
  • Tariffs


The "Internet" platform allows users to check Internet connection data, collect statistics of traffic load, manage subscriber sessions

DHCP server
that allows

  • Adding to a subscription device dedicated ip (the device’s MAC address is used as a device subscription).

  • Assigning dedicated archieving by using the DHCP option 82 (the MAC address is used as a subscriber by using DHCP 82 or just 82)


  • User verification by username and password (PPPoE, PPtP, L2TP protocols)

  • IPOE authentication (static IP address, MAC address, port (DHCP opt.82), VLAN pair (Q-in-Q), 802.1x).

  • Issuance of static or dynamic IP addresses.

  • Collect load statistics of the traffic, consumed by subscribers (radius of accounting).

  • Dynamic change of parameters and sessions.

  • Block access to the subscription in case of non-payment

  • The LBarcd-bypass module will provide sustainable Internet traffic for the following events:

  • RADIUS server failure;

  • ACP maintenance

Extensions according to company's requirements

  • Edit customer subscription according to company needs.

  • Customer payment history and customer card management.

  • Add various payment methods and automatic monthly invoicing.

  • Changes in prices for the subscription after a year and two years

  • Adding equipment for an automatic monthly payment package divided into payments.

  • Payment system with the integration of clearing systems.

  • Automatic issue of tax invoices, credit memos, receipts by e-mail to the client.

  • Subscription sales report, company representative, sold subscriptions, subscription prices, with various filtering methods.

  • Report on equipment sales and inventory management.

  • The report on debt with automatic payment system, that performs monthly invoicing and debt collection for a certain period.

  • The history of the clients accounts that include his
    card catalog.

  • Reports for accountants.

  • VOIP systems.

Netflow, sFlow

Collecting traffic statistics
using Netflow, sFlow

ISG by Cisco

Cisco ISG




Collecting router


  • Subscription fee

  • Calculation of traffic by time and load.

  • Limiting traffic consumption for a certain time.

  • Calculating the direction of traffic amount during charging (inbound / outbound).

  • Traffic limit depending on load/time

Equipment support

  • Cisco Systems routers

  • Juniper routers

  • Ericsson SmartEdge (SE) routers.

  • Mikrotik routers.

  • Linux / FreeBSD routers.

  • RADIUS-VPN compatible routers.

  • Managed switches 802.1x and SNMP.

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