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Why do Hindus and Chinese are bad for a client?

Nowadays for most of companies it is be very difficult to operate successfully without their corporate site, online store or lending.  So sooner or later, every company decides to create it. The first thing company have to do is to decide who’s going to do the web development. 

The majority of customers select those companies that offer the lowest price for development. Meanwhile hardly anyone think about the technical characteristics of the site that won’t be high-quality at a low price.

Choosing a developer for a site, many people think about freelancers from India or China. Let’s see why Hindus and Chinese are bad for a customer.

One of the biggest problems in work with Hindus and Chinese is the language barrier. It will be very difficult to agree on the dates and tasks. Therefore the probability of misunderstanding, and later incorrect or inaccurate work, would be high.

They never give up anything. They insure you that they would accomplish any task within the set time frame, but in reality, the project is delayed and all time-frames have passed, the situation does not change - nothing has been done.

Due to the different time zones, it will be difficult to find a convenient time to discuss the project details. It will certainly cause problems within the work.

The Hindus and the Chinese need to be given very clear instructions, step by step, or the work would never be done. Given a language barrier, it’s going to be very difficult. Therefore it’s better not to order from them labor-intensive projects with many different details.

Even nothing is work, they can report clearly and accurately on the work done. If you ask why it doesn’t work, they would definitely say that this is the next stage of the work, and current stage they have done exactly in time.

Hindus and Chinese are most often learning programming directly at work. It is very rare for them to have specialized education and work experience. Needless to say that the work would be done longer and its quality would be very low.

If you want to get the high-quality executed in the given time frame project as a result, our company will gladly help you in this way. We will discuss all the details of the project, advise you on better options and carry it out from the beginning to the end. We always answer all questions and give necessary consultations.

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