What is high load?


When does a "normal" project end and a high load start? 

When your current site starts to show the first signs that it is no longer able to handle the load. The load can be different for everyone; for some, it may be 10 requests per second or 10 thousand requests. It's not about the number of requests but whether there is a need for scaling and optimization.

If your site does not cope with the load, welcome to the high load club!

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How to understand that the high load point is already close?

  • Slow or infinite page loading
  • Random errors
  • Broken connections from the web server
  • Partial download of content (for example, there is no part of the pictures)
  • Decreased audience activity

Anyway, the problem can be eradicated only after the cause of its occurrence has been established.

Therefore, you should check:

  • Incorrectly configured web server
  • MySQL database setup
  • PHP: Problems with the programming language

If you are serious about developing and promoting your site, constantly expanding and updating it, then you should be prepared for the fact that at some point it will become highly loaded, that is, you will go into highload mode.

So that this does not come as a surprise to you and does not suspend the work of the resource for the time being, contact Sbitsoft in advance!

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