We like to create the Internet solutions of any complexity. The main direction in our work — create interesting and quality web projects for themselves and projects for our clients.

We create our own CRM and ERP systems and make any additions to the popular CRM and ERP systems.


We like to create Android and IOS applications for kids. An important and interesting direction in our work — is the creation of Android and IOS applications and games for children. Every game we create with great enthusiasm and love. Each game — is a new exciting world for someone’s imagination

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Our Team

Our team - a group of professionals, working more than 12 years in the industry Internet industry. Wide experience of each team member includes a skills acquired through hard work on their own and external successfully developed projects of varying complexity. Defining tasks that must decide your project, we undertake to work. Thanks to the experience and understanding of all stages of project development, we ensure the excellent quality of work.

Why us

  • Quality;
  • Short, reasonable prices;
  • 24 hours system reports on the work and status of the project;
  • Splitting the project into logical steps - pay by part;
  • Further support and service we create products;


We create our own CRM and ERP systems and make any additions to the popular CRM and ERP systems.

Разработка дизайна – это творческий, креативный процесс. Мы стремимся учесть пожелания заказчика, придумать уникальный фирменный дизайн. Для вашего внимания разработка фирменного стиля, дизайн страниц сайта, каталоги, рекламные брошюры, дизайн страниц сайта, в нашей команде мы всегда подыщем правильного специалиста, который всегда постарается оставить нашего заказчика довольным.


We provide technical support seven days a week for our clients and partners.